Character Cosplay

Fairytale Connection PNGAs a preschooler, Stefanie practically lived in the special Snow White dress that her mother made for her. Her obsession with dress up, pretend, and costume play never went away as she grew up… and she found her place in cosplay after attending the Midnight Release Party for a Harry Potter book while wearing wizard’s robes that she’d sewn herself.

She started cosplaying with her fiancé, now husband, and they attended Anime Expo and some other local are conventions together as characters.  Cosplay took a break in their lives as kids came in… and then Frozen mania arrived & Stefanie started making appearances as the snow queen for special events and parties, founding “The Fairy Tale Connection” – her character appearance brand.

Stefanie is available for appearance in the Orange, CA area and beyond with the help of video visits.  Please contact her for more information about current options.