My Story

It all started with a pair of leggings. Simple black LuLaRoe leggings.

2016-10-30-09-25-03-2I decided to finally try these magical leggings that everyone had been raving about because my cheap retail store leggings just weren’t worth the $6 I’d paid for them.  So I bought a pair of black leggings.

They were everything everyone had said and more.

A week later, I bought a second pair.  They were a printed pair that I had been eyeing the week prior but hadn’t been brave enough to purchase. I got lucky: with LuLaRoe’s limited production of each pattern, they could have been gone… and I would have had a ‘unicorn’ to try and find.

It spiraled from there… and I tried their shirts and tunics, bought a few dresses and skirts. I was in love with being comfortable and looking great all at once. I thought about becoming a consultant with LuLaRoe, opening my own boutique… and laughed at my idea.

2016-11-01-09-19-43Two weeks later I submitted paperwork and started the journey… and on Halloween morning, as I was getting into costume, I received my call: I was officially a LuLaRoe Independant Fashion Consultant!

WHY am I doing this?
I’m a busy mom, I work full time… and I found joy in experiencing fashion from the other side of the shopping experience.

I love creating outfits, helping others find the perfect combination of style and comfort for their own personal fashion experience. So here I am, on a new journey in life, and loving every minute of it!

Our family... the day I got my acceptance call from LuLaRoe
Our family… the day I got my acceptance call from LuLaRoe